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Christmas stuff

Some little gifts for the Chrismas fair of Cantoin Small rosettes... My version of the "5mn owl" small animals... star ornaments And candlesticks.

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Shell 2

The previous ones gave me the idea to make this other shell, in an other style. I fumed the chestnut to give it this antique look. An other one to come... Clam

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Two quite classical scallops, ø12 and a smaller ø6 cm It was made with artificially dried oak, wich isn't the best for carving. The drying process seems to make the wood brittle.

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After the manta, I wanted to explore further these shapes, between natural form and abstraction. Monolobe, spalted chestnut Bilobe, chestnut

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Medal portrait

Since I saw some antiques wooden coins with a portrait like these in th V&A museum, I wanted to try it myself. The relief is about 2mm deep, made of holly. The V&A coins, made of boxwood And mine !

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Nature and harmony... wonderful for inspiration. This one came out just as if it was here in the wood, waiting for me to let it emerge.

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Stylized Manta

Playing with shapes, convex to concave, this ray is made of spalted basswood/linden wood. I must update the picture, It have a stone base now, shaped like its shadow.

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