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04 Apr

Corinthian Capital

Published by Roudy Johan  - Categories:  #Acanthus

I searched for the right model for a while to fit the future organ of St.Aigulin, Poitou-Charentes. I had to find a model with simple shapes. I searched in all of my books, documents, on the internet, and finally found the perfect one... on the local church furniture !

Awaiting for the final measurments, I made this little prototype of half a capital plus a bit of column. Its made of birch, 12cm wide.

The real ones will be about 30-40cm.

Corinthian Capital
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Don 12/26/2014 18:03

would like to find more inf on carving captails

Don 12/26/2014 18:01

i love the Captial Where can I find more inf on it

Roudy Johan 12/26/2014 18:28

You're lucky, Don ! I made a 6 pages project article wich was featured in the last issue of Woodcarving Magazine (Nov/Dec, #141). The article describe all the steps to realize the capital at its full size (about 30cm wide), including the patterns. It can easily be adapted to a smaller size like this prototype.
I didn't had the time to keep the blog updated, but you can find an article about the king size capital on my french blog at this page : http://johan-roudy.overblog.com/2014/06/orgue-de-st-aigulin.html
Please visit http://www.thegmcgroup.com for more info about the magazine.

Best wishes for the new year and happy carving !

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