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  • Resurrection of a mirror frame

    26 March 2014 ( #Relief, #WIP )

    I'm going to make a copy of these two "twins" mirror frames. After years, there is just a puzzle of eaten pieces of wood left, falling into dust... I couldn't wait to start with the pearls... Setting the volumes Wings and feet ! The head The flowers are...

  • Market Coffee House

    26 March 2014 ( #Relief, #Acanthus )

    This is some relief carving I made for the Market Coffee House, London. Quite hard for my back sometimes, as the staircase was already set, except the hanrail. The handrail, before and after french varnish Posts, relief in a Jacobean style Oak leaves...

  • Christmas stuff

    26 March 2014 ( #miscellaneous )

    Some little gifts for the Chrismas fair of Cantoin Small rosettes... My version of the "5mn owl" small animals... star ornaments And candlesticks.

  • Carved guitar - Ibanez RG "Calliope"

    26 March 2014 ( #Relief, #Guitar, #WIP )

    I didn't made the guitar, just carved it ! This solidbody is made of ash, oil finished in its natural colour. It's been a while I wanted to try that, and I must admit that she really does the show ! She catch people's eyes like nothing else. Here are...

  • The Organ of Entraygues-sur-Truyère

    26 March 2014 ( #Relief, #Acanthus )

    Let me introduce the carvings of the organ of Entraygues-sur-Truyère. It's now finished and will be inaugurated in May 2014. Relief of the turrets being gilded Two rivers meet in Entraygues. The name of this village literally means "between the waters"....

  • Petals

    26 March 2014 ( #Abstract )

    After the manta, I wanted to explore further these shapes, between natural form and abstraction. Monolobe, spalted chestnut Bilobe, chestnut

  • Corinthian Capital

    04 April 2014 ( #Acanthus )

    I searched for the right model for a while to fit the future organ of St.Aigulin, Poitou-Charentes. I had to find a model with simple shapes. I searched in all of my books, documents, on the internet, and finally found the perfect one... on the local...

  • Birch Greenman

    26 March 2014 ( #Greenman )

    Geenmen have been carved for centuries. I always enjoy to discover one by chance, would it be frightening, gentle or mysterious... This birch is still green so i'll have to wait to finish it properly. Inspired by the work of Chis Pye

  • Medal portrait

    26 March 2014 ( #Relief )

    Since I saw some antiques wooden coins with a portrait like these in th V&A museum, I wanted to try it myself. The relief is about 2mm deep, made of holly. The V&A coins, made of boxwood And mine !

  • Shell 2

    26 March 2014 ( #Animals )

    The previous ones gave me the idea to make this other shell, in an other style. I fumed the chestnut to give it this antique look. An other one to come... Clam

  • Fiddlehead

    26 March 2014 ( #Acanthus )

    Nature and harmony... wonderful for inspiration. This one came out just as if it was here in the wood, waiting for me to let it emerge.

  • Shell 3, stoup

    04 April 2014 ( #Animals )

    Beech, 25cm Stoup

  • Goat on the rocks

    26 March 2014 ( #Animals )

    I didn't thought goat's anatomy was so complex ! Fortunately I've got a bunch of models nearby. Birch, 20cm high

  • Shells

    26 March 2014 ( #Relief )

    Two quite classical scallops, ø12 and a smaller ø6 cm It was made with artificially dried oak, wich isn't the best for carving. The drying process seems to make the wood brittle.

  • Aspen and stone birds

    26 March 2014 ( #Animals )

    I made a little friend to this bird made of basalt.

  • Boxwood pendants

    26 March 2014 ( #miscellaneous )

    In my area you can sometimes find stones of this shape on the mantelpiece. I was told it is supposed to save the house from lightning. I hope it will work as well with these boxwood pendants. One is inlayed with synthetic stone, the other in relief.

  • Coconut brooches

    26 March 2014 ( #miscellaneous )

    A couple of coconut and synthetic stone inlay brooches.

  • Boxwood hairsticks

    26 March 2014 ( #miscellaneous )

    A couple of boxwood hairsticks. The first was made from a drawing of Alfons Mucha, a famous poster designer of the early XXth century.

  • Wood sign "the moon lizard"

    26 March 2014 ( #Animals )

    This wood sign is made of oak and synthetic stone inlay.

  • Stylized Manta

    26 March 2014 ( #Animals )

    Playing with shapes, convex to concave, this ray is made of spalted basswood/linden wood. I must update the picture, It have a stone base now, shaped like its shadow.

  • Occitan cross

    26 March 2014 ( #Relief )

    That cross is the symbol of a large part of the south-west of France, where Occitan was spoken ( and still is by a few). This relief is made of oak.

  • Boxwood medallion

    26 March 2014 ( #miscellaneous )

    Very low relief of an angora goat on this boxwood medallion.

  • Goat cereal shovel spoon

    26 March 2014 ( #miscellaneous )

    A very traditionnal ustensil, green chestnut, with a goat head carved on the handle. No need to say it was made for a goatherd.

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